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Web Sites Building Company in Israel

Web Sites Building SITE4U company is located in the city of Haifa and experience in planning, production, web sites building, web sites design, and programming of more than 250 qualitative professional internet sites for all branches of the economy and from all the types, for 12 years (1997), and offers "individual focus service":
The purchase of domain, characterization planning design programming and production, storage of the site, promotion in search engines, campaign of financed links (AdWords), the production of a site in a number of languages, the editing of professional contents by a copywriter, ongoing updating and maintenance, help and linkage with providers of essential additional services (photography, print etc.), the definition of an electronic post box, the supply of statistics and a control board for full management of the site by the client and somebody who in fact does not have professional knowledge in the internet branch, etc.

Web Sites Design We in SITE4U believe that it is important for every detail to be executed very professionally as this is the initial impression which the visitor receives in the site.

Web Sites Company in Israel SITE4U gives management, upgrading, updating and maintenance services also for internet sites which were produced many years ago, and this out of understanding of the needs of the client and the media of the internet, and also that the connection between SITE4U - the provider of the service - the client, does not always end on the day of the launching of the new site.

Web Sites Building 6-8 professionals are employed in SITE4U, part of them permanent and part of them freelancers.

Web Sites Design SITE4U Web Sites Building Services:
  1. Program / characterization of the site and work programs are presented to the client in a very specified way before the signature on the service contract, in which all the conditions of service of SITE4U and the clients' rights are arranged, for example: the client is the sole owner of all the source files which were in use at the time of construction and the design of the site (FLA, PSD etc.) and can use them of his will, without dependence on the service provider.

  2. The technologies and programming languages which are used during the construction of the site were fixed according to the needs of the site: HTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Ajax, ASP.NET/ASP+MSSQL, PHP+MySql, PERL, Flash etc., and no less important- the use of construction methods considering availability to those with limited and hard sight.

  3. SITE4U produces sites combined with a content management system and databases for simple updating also by someone who has no knowledge in the creation and updating of internet pages and this after identification with the browser by means of username and password, by the side of full HTML sites for convenient updating by editors for example FrontPage, DreamWaver and similar or he who holds basic knowledge in HTML.

  4. Domain (address on the internet): purchase and registration in the name and ownership of the client of domains of all types - international and / or Israeli for a period of a year until 9 years ahead.

  5. Maintenance and Site Updating: in the first year from the date of the launch of a new site and its running in the internet network - SITE4U execute a number of free updating hours fixed according to the scope of the work order. Beyond this, according to the price of work hour fixed ahead.

  6. Versions of sites in additional languages: for example full or partial versions in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Rumanian, Hungarian etc. Cost/ price: 30%-50% supplement to the cost of the price in the first language.

  7. Timetable: fixed according to the supply of contents and full and available cooperation of the client of the site construction services.

  8. Basic organizational promotion of the site for the sake of promotion of their drawing them in search engines + site guides: included in the price (for example: the use of CSS navigation menus, the use of labels and regular and friendly encoding for search engines on the internet).

  9. Campaign of financed links (for example in the leading search engine in the world Google - AdWords) - is executed separately after the execution of a market / competitors survey and according to the demands and the exclusivity of the one who ordered the service.

  10. The site's storage - in a designated or cooperative internet server according to need: Static web site (HTML/SHTML) or Dynamic web site with self updating (PHP/ASP/ASP.NET) including a friendly control board for full management of the site, statistics, representative electronic mailboxes etc.)
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Web Sites Building SITE4U Contact Details:
Eduard Klein
Manager / Owner SITE4U
Tel: +972-4-8228581
Mobile: +972-54-4290367
Fax: +972-4-8228581
Address: Haviva-Reich St. 22, Haifa 32547, Israel

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